Apr 28, 2010

Blog Design Tip #7 :: Change Your Font ::

Wow, we are already on the seventh tip for our 10 Ways to Beautify Your Blog series.  Thanks ya'll for trying all these tips out with me!  Like I said, I've learned many of these things by trial and error.  Hopefully some of these things are working for you, and you aren't getting too much error!  
So far, we have learned to...

1. Find a layout you love
2. Post LARGE pictures
3. Make a peek-a-boo NAVBAR
4. Create photo collages
5. Add a FAVICON!
6. Add a background Pattern

And tip number seven is...change your font.  This one's an easy one, I promise!  Blogger gives a few options for six fonts, but if you want to use a different font, I will give you simple instructions.  Trust me, this one's simple. 

1.  First step, go to Layout>Fonts and Colors.  Change all of your fonts (using the Blogger method) to Arial.  Don't panic, this is not the font you will be using.   This just makes it easier to do step #2.  :)

2.  Second is the fun part.  Pick your font.  The best way to do this is to open a Microsoft Word document, and look at the fonts listed.  Here's the tricky part though...whichever font you choose needs to be a font that is commonly used on most computers.  This is because if you choose a font that exists on your computer but not on other people's, the new font will only show up on computers that have that font, so not everyone will see the changes.  Does that make sense? 

3.  Next, go to Layout>Edit Html.  Now you will want to replace every word that says "Arial" with the title of your new font.  For instance, I replaced the word "Arial" with "Century Gothic" for most of the font changes on my blog.  Some other fonts I like are "Bookman Old Style," "Comic Sans MS," "Garamond," "Lucida Sans," and "Tahoma" for just a few ideas. And you don't have to use the same font for everything...for instance, you can make your "post title font" different from the rest of the blog's fonts. 

A super easy way to do this without squinting at your html (and loosing your eyesight looking for the word Arial) is to go to the top of your browser where is says "Edit," then "Find."  Type in the word you are looking for (arial), and your computer will highlight the word arial, then click "next" and it will go right to the next one. Replace as you go along.    

4.  Step four, just hit "preview" to make sure you like the changes.  If so, save your new template.  I told you it was easy!

Good luck and feel free to post a link back to my blog if this works for you.  :)   And before I go, I just have to post a few pictures of my sweetie on our millionth walk to the park. 

♥ nealy


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