May 5, 2010

Do It Yourself {Silhouettes}

I think shadow silhouettes are a stylish and classic yet personal way to decorate your home.  They're surprisingly easy and quite inexpensive to make.  In fact, I think I just used materials that I already had, so it cost me nothing. 

Here are some step-by-step instructions, as promised!  

Step 1.  Take a snapshot of the the person's profile.  This worked best with Callie when I set her in front of the TV {although I usually don't let her watch TV for this reason, among others}. 

Step 2.  Print the picture on cardstock.  Fancy printer not necessary.  Just make sure you print the picture out the same size of silhouette that you would like to frame. 

Step 3.  Cut out the profile, making sure to keep details like little eyelashes and pieces of hair.

Step 4.  Paint one side of the cardstock.  This works best with a flat black spraypaint (I know, I used satin but that's all I had at the time). 

Step 5.  When paint has dried, tape or glue it onto a white (or your colored/patterned) piece of cardstock (or paper).  Frame, and you're done!

Here are some other great silhouette ideas as well from 6th Street Design School.  I love the thought of making a silhouette of your dog.  How fun!


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