Dec 18, 2009

Something Sweet

I hope everyone is staying sane this holiday season...we are trying our best to do so! December, what a crazy month.

I read an interesting article yesterday about Christians battling consumerism at Christmas time. It's funny to think how simple the first Christmas was...nothing a manger...Christ came into the world in such humble circumstances.

How opposite of that the celebration of His birth has become. It's pretty ironic, don't you think? And I am just as guilty as anyone.

Just something to think about.

On to something sweet...I made Cinnamon Honey Butter.


I just might have a new tradition.

Honey Butter 005

Make some honey butter, toast some English muffins...and you have breakfast. And lunch. And maybe a snack, too. Can you tell what I've been eating lately? It's also good on sweet potatoes, toast, waffles, carrots, muffins, you name it. Another easy recipe.

Honey Butter 005

And if you feel like giving some away (you might not, it's just that good), you can try to make it pretty.

Honey Butter 016

Cinnamon Honey Butter Recipe:
2 sticks of butter (room temperature)
1 c honey
1 c powdered sugar
2 t cinnamon

Whip butter, and remaining ingredients, and beat again. Store in refrigerator.

And what does the baby do while I slave away in the kitchen? She tries to help...

Honey Butter 078 tearing apart the cupboards...

Honey Butter 072

...and maybe even crawling in them. Speaking of babies, Callie said the word hi. She loves to say hi and wave at everyone. And she "talks" on her toy cell phone, saying hi and just babbling.

She also started giving kisses to her baby. Could she be any more sweet?

beautify blog

Coming soon, a new series...10 Ways to Beautify Your Blog. Thanks for your encouragement regarding my idea of sharing my (limited knowledge) of blog design. I'm getting there!


Kiki said...

Ooh, I'm so excited about the cinnamon honey butter and the 10 ways to beautify my blog!

No, she couldn't be sweeter.

Holmfamily said...

i always make honey butter, but i am defnitely going to try this cinnamon honey butter! thanks for the recipe...YUM!

Robert said...

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Diana Elgar said...

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