Jun 25, 2010

A SUPER Fabulous Dessert {by Kiley}

I have to admit, I didn't even know it was possible to broil a dessert made of ice cream.

But Kiley did it...S'mores Fudge Ice Cream Pie...she's the queen of making desserts, ask anyone who knows her.  We had Ki and Matt (and of course baby Avery) over for dinner this week (one of the PERKS of having your sister live in the same town), and she brought dessert.  Just a heads-up, whenever you have Kiley and Matt over for a meal and they offer to bring something, always have them bring dessert!  :)

So she found the recipe from Epicurious, but made a few of her own special touches.  So here it is.  Start with a graham cracker crust.  Add layers of: chocolate ice cream, fudge, vanilla ice cream, fudge, and chocolate ice cream again on top.  Let freeze.  Then, my favorite part...

Add one jar of marshmallow creme on top of the ice cream.  Top that will mini marshmallows.  

Then, the coolest part of all.  Stick in the broiler for a minute or two (watch carefully because it burns fast)!  and this amazing dessert is what you get!  How cool?

So I'm not the best cake-slicer, but here's what it looks like...delish.  

Thanks Ki!!!


Nate and Natalie said...

I couldn't agree more! We told her in college she should open her own bakery. Just by the pictures and description, it looked amazing.

Christen said...

That looks incredible!!

Also, love your vacation pics! I may have missed it, but what hotel did you all stay at?

Our Great Adventure said...

Hi! This looks great! I am thinking of making this for a get together with friends on Sunday...do you know by chance what kind of fudge she used? Just curious! :)-Katie

ElegantSnobbery said...

Holy moly, that looks fantastic!! Will most definitely be making that! Thanks for sharing!

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