May 29, 2008

Saganaki - Greek Flaming Cheese

Saganaki was one of our favorite appetizers that we discovered while in Greece. We never saw it "flaming" there, but that's the way they do it in most Greek restaurants in America. I wouldn't recommend eating it every is fried cheese, of course! But, it's a fun appetizer to serve for a group. I got this recipe from my friend Kelly, who also had it in Greece. Saganaki is traditionally made with Greek Kasseri cheese, but I have found that to be not only expensive, but it can have a funny taste (sometimes imported cheese doesn't taste quite like the real thing for some reason).

1 medium block Monterey Jack cheese
2 T butter
1/2 lemon (seeds removed if possible)
1 T brandy, or other liquer (pretty much anything works)

Preheat oven to broiling. Butter all sides of cheese block, then sprinkle with salt (salt is an important part of the flavor). Put the buttered cheese in the middle of a shallow baking dish (pie pan or other small appetizer pan), and leave in oven until the top is golden-brown and cheese is mostly melted. Remove from oven and pour brandy directly on top, then immediately light with a match. The cheese will flame while the alcohol burns off. Squeeze half a lemon while flaming. Ta-da!

Serve with warm pita triangles.


Kiley Waite said...

Going to make this tonight!! Thanks for the recipe!

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