Jan 14, 2010

Banana Cakes

Was my last post really our Christmas post? I think my whole life is running a few weeks behind!

I want to share with you a fabulous (super healthy) recipe for Banana Cakes. Since I made them yesterday, I happen to be a little obsessed. Thanks to Jenny for this great idea. After I read about them on her blog, I couldn't wait to run to the store and buy some bananas.

And Callie loves them, too! I love baby-friendly food. For all you carb-watchers out there, they are definitely high protein and low carb, and also gluten-free.

The ingredients: everything you see here. No flour. No sugar. Amazing!

Banana Cakes 007r

Add them to a blender or Magic Bullet (pardon my flash, it was too early for natural light pictures).

Banana Cakes 013r

And cook like you would normal pancakes. You can make mini pancakes...

Banana Cakes 032r

Or regular size...

Banana Cakes 043r


Banana Cakes 052r

I bet they would be good with peanut butter in the batter, or as a topping. Or you could top with syrup, honey, or powdered sugar. Or you could get really crazy and put a little Nutella on them. We are eating them plain; they have a subtle banana flavor that is yummy. Just make sure not to overcook them...my first batch turned out a little on the foamy side.

Stop by my house. I will make you some hot banana cakes. Bring the kids. :)

Banana Cakes
3 eggs
1 banana
1/2 t cinnamon (optional)

Blend ingredients, then cook in skillet.


Christy said...

too funny. i JUST read her post about these last night, and told Tim this morning i wanted to make them sometime! yum...can't wait to try them!

Jenny said...

Aren't those so yummy!? This morning I added blueberries and they were just delish!

Kiki said...

hm, I think I will be trying those!

Nick&Abby Flies said...

I'm definitely making these for supper tonight...I was frantic for something quick and easy :) thank you for rescuing me!

Holmfamily said...

definitely am going to try these!

Lindsay said...

I made these for breakfast yesterday, and they were a huge hit. Thanks for the recipe!

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