Jun 6, 2010

Mexican Egg Skillet & Four Random Tips

Am I really posting about food two days in a row?  I must be pregnant!  :)  Have you ever had Mexican eggs?   We've made them before in lots of shapes and sizes.   This morning we tried a Mexican Egg Skillet...in honor of our upcoming trip!

I just used what I had on hand to make it.  I chopped peppers and onions, and some avocado for garnish. 

I just bought this nifty storage container for onions at the hardware store of all places.  I thought it would save some plastic bag usage.  So far, it's holding up well (the onion and the container).  They also had pepper and tomato ones...I might have to go back. 

Random tip #1...what kind of onions do you buy?  I bought red onions for the longest time since they are pretty and I like the color, until I learned that actually it's the yellow onions that are sweetest.  Particularly the Vidalia onions (they are more flat and round but aren't always in season I think).  But any yellow onion will do.  So if you like more of a sweet, mild onion flavor, try the yellow ones.  :)

Random tip #2...did you know that you can store an avocado and keep it green (not brown) if they are wrapped with their seed?  I usually just throw mine in a ziplock bag, seed intact, but we ran out so Press-n-Seal works just as well.

Back to the eggs...I sauteed the onions and peppers in a little olive oil.

Then added six beaten eggs (with salt, pepper, and a dash of milk). 

Here's the finished product.  I topped the eggs with some pepper jack cheese, salsa, sour cream, and the avocado.  I'm dying for some cilantro here...but I didn't plan ahead so we didn't have any.  And if you like meat in your eggs, Mexican chorizo would be good too. 

Instead of toast, serve this with some corn tortillas (my favorite). You can fold it up like a little taco, or eat like a tostada.

Random tip #3...to make corn tortillas, follow the heating instructions on the back of the sack.  I always thought they required cooking in oil or frying, but they don't require oil at all!  They're perfect when cooked "on an ungreased skillet over medium-high heat for 10 to 15 seconds.  Flip and heat for another 5 to 10 seconds."  It's amazing how many years it's taken me to learn these few little tips. 

Because I love lime, I squeezed half of one over the entire skillet.

And on to one of my favorite things...Chipotle Pepper Tabasco Sauce.  It's absolutely the best-tasting hot sauce.  Ever.  I can practically drink it (just kidding).  It's not nearly as spicy as you would imagine, either.  Try it!  :)   And get it for your dad for Father's Day if he likes hot sauce (I think I threw in a bottle for my dad last year). 

Ready for the last random tip?  I learned it from my mother-in-law.  Random tip #4...if you run out of coffee filters, use a paper towel.  It works!  Our paper towels are pretty thick, so I just used one of the layers and it worked perfectly.  Oh what you will do for a cup of coffee... And yes, for the observant ones, you will notice how EARLY we are up today!

Okay, after reading through this post, I think I need to make a trip to the grocery store!  :) 

Share and enjoy!  Let me know if you end up making the Mexican Egg Skillet.


Nikki said...

That looks delicious! I just might have to make that for dinner tonight.

I've always wondered about that onion container, I just might have to pick one up. I always use red onion, it's the only onion that doesn't give my husband heartburn.

Juliet Mock said...

That looks so good. I use Vidallia onions because they are sweet. Typically best in the spring (I think). I find the red onion to be too much onion and it has a spicy heat element to it that I don't like. I love spicy food, but not the red onion kick.

Lena said...

Nealy I seriously love (and am very jealous) of how great your pictures always look WHILE you are cooking! Help me!

The New Witty's said...

In the morning times, sometimes I add a little mexican flavor to my eggs too...I do the pico de gallo & scrambled eggs
caramelize onions, add bell peppers and some jalapeño (i love spicy), then add tomatoes, cook for a bit, add your eggs...heat your tortilla up and voila!!!
although that avocado sure would make a great addition to it!

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