May 28, 2008

My Top Ten Highlights - Memorial Day Weekend

1. Meeting the family for dinner Friday night at our favorite Mexican restaurant – Cancun. It’s our Friday night tradition in Clear Lake. They have the best salsa!

2. Knowing it’s Memorial Day weekend means summer is almost here!

3. Girls’ lunch at Starboard Market in downtown Clear Lake. I had really good chicken salad with cheesy cornbread soup. Yum!

4. Going to Hobby Lobby and Super Target with the girls Saturday. Got to have a little bit a shopping!

5. Making saganaki – Greek flaming cheese (pictured) - for an appetizer!

6. Playing my three new favorite games this weekend – Scrabble, Rummikub, and Sequence.

7. Meeting the L's for lunch at The Café in Ames – Elyse even came home all the way from Nashville for the weekend!

8. Walking around Ada Hayden lake in Ames on a super sunny, beautiful Monday afternoon, and no one was at work!

9. Finally seeing Annie’s apartment in Ames – super cute – she even cleaned for us! =) College is (was) such a fun time.

10. Making the tail end of Beth and Dan’s Memorial Day party at their house Monday night.


alan & steph flies said...

aww... I wish I was a part of your family! Sounds like you had a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

good list! can I have your saganaki recipe?? :) thanks!

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