May 5, 2010

About Six Things

Brr!  It's freezing today and on our way to the gym this morning, I think Callie almost blew away!  She is getting to the point where she just loves to walk by herself when we go places.  This is just fine with me, except she's Miss Independent and is not really into hand-holding.  :)  Thankfully the wind didn't take her away.  I just heard on the news that warm Marches and Aprils lead to cool Mays.  And we might even get an itty bitty amount of snow.  I might have to get those sweaters back out!

So we finally got around to cleaning and organizing our master closet {hopefully we won't really have to get our sweaters back out!}.  We kind of went crazy and organized the storage room as well.   I can't believe how much relief I feel now that our storage room is organized.  I even got out my trusty old label-maker and went to town.  It's pretty weird how much this is affecting my overall disposition of knowing our storage room is no longer a total disaster.  :) 

We also had breakfast with dad before work.  She can eat a huge breakfast in her high chair, and then as soon as she sees us eating, she wants our food too.  She really does eat a lot for being such a peanut! 

Notice the coffee cup in the picture above?  These are my new absolutely favorite thing.

They are ceramic to-go cups, eco-friendly.  You may have seen them - I think just about every store is starting to sell them.  There's something about drinking coffee out of a Starbucks cup w/ lid that just makes you feel way cooler than drinking out of one of those metal coffee-thermos mugs.  Or am I alone in thinking this?  So I bought these at the mall last week.  And I think I smile inside every time I use them.

I also wanted to share the most-perfect t-shirt that I found at J. Crew Old Navy (online only).  They fit just right and are super cute, so I ordered it in a few different colors.  I think J. Crew has sold the exact same shirt except for a much larger price tag.  Pretty cute, huh? 

So a friend was over the other day and I was asking her for some advice on what my living room still needed in terms of decorating.  It's been a slow progress, and I change my mind on things so often.  She mentioned something on the coffee table would be nice.  I thought that was a good idea, so I went to Target and bought this orchid.  Does it look real??? 

Because I was just at Home Depot and walked by some real orchids and seriously, they look the same! I'm horrible at keeping plants watered, so fake plants, however tacky they may be, are my friend.  And the thought of a pot with dirt + toddler running around + whitish-beige carpet made me a little nervous.  We'll see how long it lasts until the munchkin destroys it anyway!  So far, she hasn't touched it...just the candle and coasters that are sitting next to it.  Amazing.

Before I forget...I know I promised a tutorial on how to make a shadow silhouette.  That post is coming right up!  In the mean time, try to stay warm and go get yourself some eco-friendly mugs!


Nate and Natalie said...

Few things...
1. Elyse does the exact same thing with food. I don't know where it goes?!?

2. LOVE the Old Navy shirt too, got it from my family for a birthday gift and just wore it yesterday, super funny.

Lauren said...

Our 9-month-old is the same way~he wants to eat our food when he sees us eating~!
Also, where did you get those cups? I want some-super cute!

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