May 7, 2010

On Meeting Giada

Giada de Laurentis is one of my favorite food network chefs {as well as Barefoot Contessa/Ina Garten}.  I just love unwinding  from the day and watching cooking shows while I make dinner.  Is anyone with  me?  And I love Giada's cooking because she uses healthy, fresh Italian ingredients like fresh mozzarella, mascarpone cheese, fresh herbs, olive oil, hazelnuts, and nutella, my favorite!  I also love her show Giada's Weekend Getaways {when we were in Cabo last spring, we tracked down a few restaurants that she went to on her show while she was there}.   

So...when I heard she was coming to my husband's company to do a little cooking demonstration to promote her new line at Target, I just happened to schedule a lunch date that day downtown!  :)

Giada was fun and talkative, and much like we see her on TV.  I was a little bummed I didn't think of buying her new cookbook ahead of time when I heard she was doing book signings afterwards.  But thankfully they were giving out photographs, so no worries.  

Her husband, Todd, was there too.  Kyle spotted him right off to the side of where we were standing.  Todd has made guest appearances in some of her shows, but never seems to like the limelight as much as his wife.  He's a designer for the fabulous store anthropologie.

At the end of her cooking demonstration, she did a question-and-answer segment.  Most of the questions were about cooking.  The secret to her tomato sauce?  Carrots and butter (and fresh tomatoes). How she stays so slim while being around food so much (a question she always gets asked)?  Her answer was...portion control.  She said she believes you can eat anything you want, but not as much as you want, and she thinks about everything before she eats it.   It's all about calories in, calories out - that's just how it works, and if you want to eat more, you have to work-out more.  Good advice.  :)

When it was my turn at the signing booth, I said hello and told her I was a huge fan.  I also asked her what kind of food her daughter likes to eat (she has a little girl just a little older than Callie).  Her answer?  Lambchops.   :) 

Who's your favorite Food Network chef?


Lena said...


Kelly Fischer said...

Oh My Word! Nealy, I am a little jealous! :) I love Giada and watch her often! How fun that you got to meet her and watch a food demonstration! You both are super cute in the picture!

peter marie said...

That is so cool!! I'm totally jealous. :)

My #1 is Ina and #2 is everyone else. I basically just love everything about that channel! (we don't get The Foodnetwork right now, but I try to catch bits of it any chance I have and I have a few dvds of it too)

I'm totally inspired by your kitchen, btw. We had painted our countertops, but it's been 5 yrs and they really need a makeover so we're going to try that paint you used. It looks awesome!

Juliet Mock said...

Absolutely jealous! I think I would be speechless if I met her. I would be like a teenage girl meeting the Jonas brothers! I just love her cooking style and personality. I too love the Barefoot Contessa.

Brenda said...

I actually met her and her husband at my friends wedding. They grew up together and went to highschool. I was star struck and was excited to let her know how much I love her show. SO cheesy but she was great. She gave the sweetest poem to the bride and groom.

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