Feb 24, 2010

Day Three: Make Your NavBar Disappear!

If you use blogger, you have something called a navbar at the top of your blog.  Some people like the navbar because it can be useful to search "log-in" to blogger.  However, if you are wanting your blog to look a little more custom, there a number of things you can do with it.  You can remove it, make it hover only when your cursor is over it, or make it transparent.    These are just minor tweaks, but they can make your blog feel less "standard." 

Hover or Peek-A-Boo

1.  Go to layout, then Edit Html.

2.  Place the following code between the "head" and "/head" section as well as before the beginning of the CSS section

3.  There you go!  You NavBar now will only show up when your curser runs over it.



1.  Look for this tag: < / head >.
2.  Paste this script immediately above that tag:


I also noticed that you can make the navbar transparent (I just tried this on mine).  To do this, go to "layout," "page elements," then "edit" on the far right corner of your navbar.  Select "transparent light."

Have fun!


Botogol said...

One reason for removing your navbar is that the search function likely doesn't work, so the goggle search widget is better

Cindy said...

OK, enough about blogs....WE WANT NEW CALLIE STUFF!! Her grandma misses her so much : )

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