Feb 22, 2010

Our Weekend

We left Callie.

With my parents.


For two nights!

This weekend.

For the first time.


Friday was dinner with friends.

Saturday was a birthday party.

We had adult conversations.

And adult beverages.

With {just} adults.

It was nice....

It felt like old times.

Not mom and dad, but...

Nealy and Kyle.

It was refreshing.

I was a little nervous to leave her but...

It went great.

* * *

Yes, I did miss her though.  I tried not to think about missing her though so I could enjoy our kid-free weekend.

She was good and did not cry the whole time we were gone.  She did great.  And had a lot of fun.  She took a bottle just fine, and had a ton of fun with her grandparents, Aunt Kiley and Uncle Matt (she was at their house just across town).  

We stopped by and saw her for  a few hours on Saturday.  I imaged what it would be like to reunite.  She ran over to me, said "mama" for the first time, and was so happy to have me home. And I thought I would come home to this face.

In reality, she said "hi," took two steps towards me, then turned around and started playing with her toys.  I said, "Callie, come see mommy!"  She walked over to grandma instead, avoiding eye contact with me.  So I went across the room and picked her up, and she started crying and wanted to go back to grandma.

The ultimate betrayal!  :) She didn't want me!  Was she mad?  Traumatized!?!?!   NOT the reaction I was expecting!

...she eventually got over it (it didn't take very long) and all is back to normal.  Except now we realized we can still be adults, not just parents!   And now we know that we can book that seven-day vacation (right, honey?)!  ;)

*     *     *
A super special THANK YOU to my parents for watching her the WHOLE WEEKEND! 


The Chidisters said...

Only the first of many moments where she will choose Grandma over you...this will eventually become ok with you. When we went to Florida last June with my family it was so great because Abbie wanted to be with my parents the whole time and Peter and I actually felt like we got a vacation. Glad you took some time for the two of you and glad she did ok without you for the weekend.

Jessica Berreth said...

So fun! Glad you had a nice weekend! We all need those kinds of weekends sometimes! Love your blog...so fun!

Kiley said...

Callie can stay at our house ANY time. She and her new cousin can have sleepovers!

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