Apr 30, 2010

A Simple Equation

Mommy was at the computer.  Callie was being so good.  And quite.

Too good.

And too quiet.  

Callie came up to mommy and handed her a crayon.  A green crayon.  Mommy wondered...

She was right.

This was a first.  Crayon on the furniture.  She never expected that an Easter basket present could turn out like this.

And this.

A simple equation.  White couch + green crayon + quiet toddler + mommy on the computer = trouble.

Not only on the white couch, but on the window sill, on the walls, and on the closet doors (look closely and you can see there is crayon all along the window sill).

Lesson learned.  I'm hiding the crayons.  Magic eraser, I sure hope you take off crayon! 


Jenny said...

We had that same scenario at our house once...and that probably isn't the last time that it will happen. Soap and water went along way..it even cleaned our white chair. Good luck! She sure is one cute trouble maker!

Juliet Mock said...

Oh no! The first crayon incident! We have diverted many of those at our house; markers too!

I hope you can find stuff that gets it all out! :)

The Chidisters said...

Well I hate to say it but it probably won't be the last time. If not crayon, then something else. You are brave to have so much white with children =). I would also suggest the Crayola Color Wonder products. The ink is clear but turns to color on their special paper. We use them on trips in the car and I let Abbie color anywhere in the house with them - they are great!

The Chidisters said...

Oh, and just as a totally unrelated afterthought - do those pillows have the same pattern on them as the wallpaper you want for your bathroom? They look similar - like them both! =)

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