Apr 5, 2010

He Is Risen

Hopefully your Easter was filled with all the fun things like family, colored eggs, and chocolate bunnies.

We traveled to the country and saw lots of family.  I love holidays.  And chocolate bunnies.  :)

This wasn't Callie's first Easter, but it kind of felt like it since she was so young last year.  She's just been so cute lately and if there was a time that we could "freeze" her, now would be the time.  She's so fun and expressionate.  

For instance, grandma got these fun little wind-up toys...a chick and a bunny.

Callie wasn't so sure what to think.  And then she picked up the bunny, looked at it's eyes and with a look of absolute horror, she threw it on the ground and wouldn't go near them again (the eyes are red and do look a little scary if I say so myself). 

I couldn't remember the last time I dyed Easter eggs, but it sure was fun. 

The Easter Bunny came for the first year and brought lots of cool things...some clothes, new socks, crayons, watercolor, and some books.

Callie was thrilled with her new Bible.   I guess we've trained her well!  ;)

Have you heard of Resurrection Eggs?  They are these plastic Easter eggs that tell the story of Jesus' death.  Each one is filled with props like a leather rope (a whip), a rock (the tomb), and the last one is empty (since He has risen).  What a neat way to teach kids about the real story of Easter.  Next year, I am going to try and make my own. Anyone care to join me? 

After brunch, we even had a little Easter egg hunt! 

And we attended a family wedding on Saturday. I must apologize to the bride for a little girl in a bright pink dress who stole the show. 

During the ceremony, Callie was super good because Grandma had lots of snacks and toys in her purse!

Before I forget, Callie learned another new word!  After seeing this picture, can you guess what word it is (hint: it's a color)?

If you guessed PINK, you're right.  We can't get enough of it around here, it seems.  ;)

Well, we're off to nap time and then we are going to go visit Callie's new cousin again tonight!!!  We hope you had a nice weekend, and we are sure glad that He has risen!


Kiley said...

What a cutie - I miss my niece. Love her white dress. Avery will have to borrow it some day!
Cal - let's read some books together sometime soon, k?

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