Mar 29, 2011

Lose That Baby Weight

Ughhhh.  Losing the baby weight is no. fun. at. all.  Rarely will a movie star gain 30-50 pounds for a movie role, even if they are getting paid millions of dollars (and if they do, they likely win an Oscar for it!).  Moms, on the other hand, have to do it every few years!  I'm starting to feel like a yo-yo.

Of course our payment is in babies and not money, which is priceless.  :)

My story is similar to many other moms:  initially, the weight drops pretty quickly and easily. And then, the last 10 pounds.  They're like, stuck.  I've pretty much been gaining and losing the same 2 pounds for the last, um, two months?  Lack of sleep and little time to myself have probably not helped much either.

So now I'm starting to buckle down and get serious.  Clara just turned 3 months TODAY and I don't want to be carrying around baby weight for longer than I have to.  Here are two things that have really been helping me to stay motivated.

First, I downloaded a free app on my smartphone that I am in love with.  It's called Calorie Counter by FatSecret.  It's a very simple and easy way to keep track of calories.  It even has - get this - a barcode scanner so you can just scan the barcode of the last granola bar (or two) that you ate.  :)  This has helped me tremendously to keep a food log, and I have become more aware of everything I put in my mouth. It's even kind of fun! The app has a weight tracker and an exercise diary which I have been using as well.

Second, my new favorite thing is Zella workout clothing (found at Nordstroms).  I love their Live In Legging and bunched v-neck t-shirts (I'm not seeing these online), and really want this in white. Everything I've tried on by Zella is flattering, the shirts are longer, and super comfortable. Perfect to wear to the gym (or all day?).  It was a little splurge for me, but definitely worth it if it keeps me motivated, right?  

What about the other moms out there?  How did you lose your baby weight and what was your motivated?


brianna gray said...

Signing up to run races. If I pay for it, I will absolutely run it, so it forces me into training. Also agree on the workout clothes thing. The better I feel/look in workout clothes, the more likely I am to wear them for their intended purpose!

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