Mar 30, 2011

Homemade Neapolitan Pizza Sauce

Ever since my friend Beth posted about her pizza sauce recipe, I've been dying to try it myself.  We are huge fans of Punch and the thought of recreating that wood-fired pizza at home got me so excited!  We added a little fresh garlic to ours.  

And started with a can of whole tomatoes.  I used Market Pantry, but I'm sure the San Marzano ones would be better. 

After draining and chopping the tomatoes, mush them up with a fork.  

Add a clove of pressed garlic, along with a pinch of salt, a few pinches of sugar, and a little dried oregano.  

And you've got homemade pizza sauce!  WAY better than the jarred stuff {we also use Preggo spaghetti sauce instead of pizza sauce}.  

Top on your favorite pizza dough and you've got yourself a good pizza! Maybe next time we'll throw the pizza dough directly on our grill for a real wood-fired pizza. 


Lori said...

Thanks for posting, Nealy! I've been wanting to make my own pizza sauce for a while, just never had the inspiration until now!! :)

Our Great Adventure said...

Your pizza crust looks great too! What do you use?

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