Jan 26, 2011

Bath Day

Good morning!  We tried to spell "Hi" with the letters in the tub, but the "i" was no where to be found!  So "hey" will have to do.  :)  We have bath day every other day around here, and boy is it a lot of work with two girls!

It sure is fun though.  There's nothing better than a warm bath in the dead of winter!  We get out the foam letters, Crayola bath tub markers (thanks Ki), and sometimes even the Crayola Bath Dropz (thanks Erica!) that make the water fun colors.  

How funny that I have a picture of Callie here that's just like this picture of Clara. Same towel and everything!

And then some days Callie gets to watch a little show in mommy's bed while I get Clara ready and get ready myself.


Once I had my first baby, I realized I just didn't have time to practice my normal "morning routine" every day. So, I started to wash my hair every other day.  Does anyone else do this?  I would like to say it changed my life...I'm saving so much time by not having to wash, dry, and style my hair every day.

And I discovered this amazing product.  Have you ever tried dry shampoo?  I had been curious about it for awhile, but it seemed too expensive, and then I found Tresemme's Dry Shampoo at Target (only a couple of dollars I think).  You just spray it in your hair and it absorbs the oil.  It also has a white-ish color when it goes on, so it can help camouflage dark roots...yea.

I found Callie some cute shoes on clearance at Old Navy this week.  I think I paid about $2.50 for them. I just love girly stuff.  Good thing I have two girls I can play dress-up with! 


Kiley said...

I miss the girls. Those are super cute shoes!

Kiki said...

Really cute shoes!

I totally only wash my hair every other day. Baby powder works so great to absorb the oil. I usually wear a pony tail the second day. To be honest, I wear a pony tail almost everyday!

So fun chatting with you today, I wish we lived closer!

nick&abby said...

Walgreens carries PSSSST dry shampoo...it's totally old school, but it's not as "residuey" as other ones I tried....I've used it for 5 years and can't bring myself to try another brand! ;) bath time is the best! Ours is at night, and we do it every night b/c Addy loves it AND it gives us something else to do until bedtime ;)
bath pictures are the best! nice work :)

Juliet Mock said...

I too only wash my hair every other day. It is much easier AND it keeps your hair from drying out. I feel like letting your natural oils "cleanse" your hair every other day helps with the health and shine of your hair! Cute post!

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