Jan 28, 2011


...the days are long but the years are short.

 I remind myself of this quote quite often.  Is that not the truth? I don't want to wish away these years.  Because I know they're short.  I'm sure they'll be over before I know it.

I definitely have long days.  We stay home now, a lot.  It's winter and freezing out, that's probably part of it.  And it's a lot more work to pack-up the girls (and our trips often end in disaster - either one or the other).  There are many days now I'm not sure if it's even worth getting ready in the morning, because the only person that will see me is the lady at the check-out counter at Target.  =)

The years are short.  Clara is one month today.  And Callie just turned two.  Can you  believe it?  Two already!  Although she's been saying she's been "two" for months. :)  Here's what's left from her party (It was fun! I'll share the details with you soon).

One of the nights before I got married, my grandma Mary Lou stayed the night and slept in my bedroom with me.  We got to talking as we were falling asleep, and she told me something that will probably stick with me for the rest of my life.  She said the best years of her life were when her kids were at home.

That had a lot of impact coming from a 80-year-old grandmother, who has lived most of her life.  So why would I want to wish away the best years?

Yes, I'm looking forward to the day when I will get more sleep.  To tell you the truth, this last week has left me exhausted!  Clara and I both have a cold, and she's been waking up every 2 hours at night, at least.  But for now, I know that sleepless nights is part of territory.  So for now, I'll take it and just enjoy having babies around. Because they are growing up, fast!

I'm about halfway through the book Shepherding a Children's Heart.  Here's one page of the book that has really stuck with me so far (pg 97).  I know it's long, but please take the time to read it...you'll be encouraged, I promise!

You must regard parenting as one of your most important tasks while you have children at home.  This is your calling.  you must raise your children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. You cannot do so without investing yourself in a life of sensitive communication in which you help them understand life and God's world.  There is nothing more important.  You have only a brief season of life to invest yourself in this task.  You have only one opportunity to do it.  You cannot go back and do it over.

You live in a culture in which there are opportunities for you to do things unheard of in history.  You are presented daily with scores of options for investing your life's energies and creativity.  There is more than yo could ever do. You must, therefore, prioritize.

Parenting is your primary calling.  Parenting will mean that you can't do all the things that you could otherwise do.  It will affect your golf handicap. It may mean your home does not look like a picture from Better Homes and Gardens.  It will impact your career and ascent on the corporate ladder.  It will alter the kind of friendships you will be available to pursue.  It will influence the kind of ministry you are able to pursue.  It will modify the amount of time you have for bowling, hunting, television, or how many hooks you read.  It will mean that you can't develop every interest that comes along.  The costs are high.  

A good reminder about what one of our biggest priorities is. Encouraging and convicting at the same time, isn't it?


Amanda Taborga said...

I have been reading your blog for some time. I never comment...but I had to today. It is obvious that God put those words to your fingertips this morning. And I believe they were written for me to hear. I have been struggling so much lately, and this was word for word the kind of jumpstart I needed to my day. Thank you. I am going to get my hands on that book pronto! I enjoy taking a small look at your sweet family. I am expecting my 3rd little one in May, and I may just have to copy and paste that page from the book to put in a place I can often see it. I have a feeling in this new juggling routine I will be doing, something is bound to fall. I'm just praying it isn't one of the fragile things. Thanks again! You wrote for me today. "long days short years" is no joke. I'm trying so hard to hold on to it all.

Nate and Natalie said...

I couldn't agree more. It's so easy to forget the small things and continue to want to see the next stage, but it really does fly. I also believe the second one goes even more quickly than the first. So sad :( Thank you for sharing!

nick&abby said...

I totally forgot about that book...I may have to bust it out again :)
Time does go by way too fast. Today is a day, though, where I wish it would go by faster :) But you're right....why would I wish these days away (no matter how frustrating/exhausting) when they don't last forever?? Could thoughts, Nealy :)

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