Jun 10, 2010

What's In My Make-up Bag?

I love hearing what's in people's make-up bags.  I think us women are always searching for the new miracle product.  Not that one really exists, but we still try to find it!  And maybe there are somethings that come close.  So I thought I would start the weekend out right with a little make-up talk!  Here's what's currently in my make-up bag, and products that I would recommend.

I've shared before about my love for bareMinerals.  However, that just may be changing...because I just bought a new foundation yesterday (hence the idea of this post) and so far I really like it!  Revlon Photo Ready Foundation.  Not that I'm in photos much these days (I'm more behind the camera now), but it's supposed to make your skin look radiant in any light...I was imagining J Lo or Jessica Simpson-style sheen (although I think they use airbrushed make-up).  But I'm liking the look and I think I just may be making a more permanent switch.  It's a light yet nice even coverage and a dewy look but not shiny. The color I got is called Shell and it matches my skin pretty well. And it's oil-free, which is a non-negotiable.

I've been using NARS blush and brozer for some time now.  I got my sister hooked as well.  The blush is just the perfect shade of shimmery peach-pink.  I can't tell you them name of the color because it would make me blush (maybe that's the point?) but I use the blush bronzer duo, from Sephora.  :)

L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara.  I have said it once, and I will say it again.  I LOVE this stuff.  It literally makes my lashes look super long...and I'm not one of those people with super long lashes naturally (someday I want to try this).  It doesn't smudge at all, and when you wash it off, it comes off in clumps not in streaks.  Kind of weird to get used to, but it's almost like wearing fake lashes.  And now my mom is also hooked!

I recently made the switch from pencil to liquid liner. Why, you ask?  I was tired of eyeliner smudges on my eyelids. I like this because it's smudge-proof. 

Okay, so I am using one item from Bare Minerals.  It's their eyeshadow.  I like the shimmery and the color choices (something I am very picky about).  I currently use a combination of queen linda, buff (from Sephora), and downtown. 

I'm not a lipstick girl, but I do like a natural-looking pinkish lipgloss (although my husband hates it so I don't wear it all the time).

Have you ever tried lip plumping gloss?  Funny story about this.  A few years ago, we were meeting my parents at the airport on our way to Mexico.   Since liquids were restricted, I quickly put on some of this lipgloss before I left the house.  When I met my family at the airport, one of the first things my mom asked was if I got my lips done!  Ha, ha...  So this stuff must work, because I'm a pretty unlikely candidate to actually get my lips pumped with collagen.  :)  They say it has ginger, cinnamon, and peppermint.   Sally Hansen's Lip Inflation and Lip Venom are my favorites.

Last but not least, I use clear mascara.  On my eyebrows!  Does anyone else do this?  I guess it's probably the same as brow gel, but this lasts longer.  Just keeps those 'brows in place. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing into my make-up bag!  I didn't take real pictures because it's pretty messy.  :)  And I would like to end this post with one thing that I like to remind myself when thinking about beauty..."charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised."  Pr 31:30


Steph said...

what a creative post!!! (not that I'd put such a great idea past you :)).... I just might have to carry on the tradition...I feel like all women are super interested in what one another are wearing for make-up!

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