Jun 14, 2010

I'm Not Fat, I'm Pregant...

Sometimes I feel like I need that saying taped to my belly!  I'm not really showing yet, but I'm definitely not looking quite the same either.  My waist is just a little bit more straight than before, and my belly has popped a little bit too.  Not really that fun, but it's all for a good cause, right?

My sister promised me if she didn't know me she would have no idea I'm pregnant.  Maybe she's just being nice...or maybe "my" view (from the top down) looks a little bigger than the side-view in the mirror that most people see.

I was talking with Kyle last year after we had watched the movie Castaway.  Tom Hanks gained 50 pounds or something.  I asked him if he would gain then lose 50 pounds for a movie role.  He said maybe not. And then I realized....that's exactly what women do when they have babies!  Except we don't get paid millions of dollars for it.  But that's okay because what we do get is priceless, right?  :)

So far I've gained two pounds.  At this point with Callie, I had actually lost a little weight due to the sickness and food aversions.  But this time, although I'm still sick, I really don't have any food aversions and certain foods really have made me feel better!  So I've been eating!  :)  The one thing I have to keep reminding myself as the number on the scale goes up (not a fun thing, no matter who you are or how much it is) is that all of the baby weight came off, and then some extra too.  So hopefully that will happen the next time too.  I've heard mixed reviews, but breastfeeding really did help the weight come off for me.  Along with diet and exercise, of course. 

Cravings?  Any kind of kid foods.  It's been so weird, but the things that sounds really good are mac and cheese, spaghetti o's, chicken nuggets, sugar cereal, chocolate milk, orange juice, grilled chese...pretty much anything you can find on the kids' menu and I'm happy.  :)  Oh, and lots of pickles and ice cream.  It's true! 

We had our first appointment with our midwife last week.  Everything looks great.  It was so, so exciting to hear the heartbeat for the very first time...150.  Boy or girl?  I'm just dying to know!  Are we going to find out the sex?  YES we hope to!  We found out Callie was a girl around 20 weeks and it was so much fun to buy LOTS of pink! August, August, August!

Do we have a name yet?  No. We have a list of girl and boy names,but have not narrowed it down.  I would say we have about 3-4 boy names we like, but girl names have been much more difficult.  Maybe that's because we used our favorite one already.  :)  And sorry, we're not telling...I think we plan to keep the name a surprise.  I always feel bad telling people that when they ask, so maybe getting it out their on the blog will help!

How have I been feeling?  Ugh.  Super sick.  Thankfully, I am just starting to feel better (with Callie I was sick up until 15-16 weeks).  And I've been soooo tired!  And the house has been a MESS.  I dont' get nearly the same amount of things done around the house as normal.  I'm NOT a nap person usually, but now I try and take a nap most days.  You heard me complain about how early Callie had been waking up, and that only made things more difficult.  But now I'm happy to say...she sleeps until 7 or 7:30 most mornings!  We tried moving to one nap, but that did NOT work.  So all we did was put her to bed one hour earlier, it was as simple as that!  Someone must be hearing my prayers! :)  Now she goes to bed at 7:30pm, and doesn't wake up until 11-12 hours later.  It's been soooo wonderful.  AND she still takes two naps a day (1.5-2 hours and about 45 minutes).   THANK YOU fellow moms for the great advice!  It doesn't seem to make mathematical sense to me that putting her to bed earlier would make her sleep later.  But it worked!

How did I tell Kyle the news?  Well, you can probably guess by the picture below.  Here's how I told him last time!

I wrote "I'm Going To Be A Big Sister" on Callie's onesie (which was underneath her clothes) the day I found out. It's a little messy because I was trying to write it while in the Home Depot parking lot while he was in the store and she wasn't holding still and really wanted to hold the Sharpie!  It was so hard to wait until that night, but when Kyle put her jammies on (he usually does that when he puts her to bed), I heard him tell her, Callie, you have something on your onesie.  Then I waited another minute (anxiously in the hallway) and I heard him say...Nealy???  He was estatic.

Is there anything I left out?  Any more questions???   We're both pretty excited and appreciate your prayers for a healthy baby and pregnancy.  That's all for now!


nick&abby said...

why are you blogging when you are on vacation?!

Lauren said...

Too cute...I love that you wrote that on her onesie! Congrats!

Juliet Mock said...

Glad to hear Callie is sleeping better. Is is weird how you put them to bed earlier and they sleep better!? Same with Julia. Worked like a charm.

Congrats again! Love the way you told Kyle and also your families when you were prego with Calli. Such cute stories!

Adriana said...

such a great idea! congrats!!!

Suzanne said...

I gave you a blog award, pass the love! Hope Mexico was a blast!

Marcus, Rebecca, Buddy, and Doodle said...

Congrats!!! I haven't been reading blogs too much lately. That's so exciting!!!

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