Feb 4, 2010

Bathroom Reveal {on a budget}

As promised, our bathroom makeover!  First...the before:


I must draw your attention to the super cool wooden towel bar (photo above, on far left).  This house was built in the 90's...was that kind of towel bar even popular that decade???  And of course there's the plastic towel bar and toilet paper holder (photo below, far right).  And the walls had this sandy texture in the paint that made it feel like wallpaper.  Pretty stylin'!

And before I show the "after" photo, I must share our inspiration.  Can't go wrong with Pottery Barn, right?  I love the glossy black cabinets and the light blue walls. 

Image credit:  potterbarn.com

One more "before:"

And now, the after:

The final look may not be a big surprise to those that have been to our house lately.  But you may (or may not?) be surprised to learn that the oval bathroom mirror I found at a thrift store a few years ago for $12.  

The small white wooden lamp w/ black shade?  Thrift store.  I think it set me back about $2.  

Antique soap dish {you can't really see it's detail in the picture}?  Thrift store, $.99.  

Metal toilet paper holder?  Thrift store {I spray painted it with this and am not sure what it originally was used for}. 

And the magazine rack (photo below)?  You guessed it!  I think it was $1.61.  It was red and scratched up, but we gave it a new life with a little black paint and Conde Nast Traveler.

Our splurge?  The faucet and light fixture {both from Home Depot}.  I think this faucet is my favorite thing in my whole house (minus my baby and hubby).  :) 

And, just for the sake of keeping it real (this happens about every day):

By this little munchkin.

One room down, about 10+ to go!

What we did:
Painted the cabinets "black suede," semi-gloss
Removed old mirror and hung a new one (also painted it black)
Painted wood work a white semi-gloss
Painted walls 
Added hardware to cabinets
Replaced light fixture, towel bar, toilet paper holder, and faucet
Added accessories


Nate and Natalie said...

Turned out super nice! Way to keep it Klauser cheap ;). Looking forward to seeing the other updated rooms.

chevysmith said...

Can I hire you to help me with our house?! Seriously, I do not have a stylish bone in my body! But I so appreciate (maybe envy?) your talent and gift. Nice work!

Holmfamily said...

i definitely need the names of some of the thrift stores you go to! i know that you go to "unique" in burnsville and will definitely be checking that store out soon as we are looking to update some of the rooms in our home! love the pictures and always love ideas you come up with! maybe we can go shopping together sometime!

Kiki said...

It looks great!

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