Dec 4, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Stockings 007c

It's December and officially Christmas time (well, if you asked the stores, they would probably say that September was officially the start of Christmas)!

Is it just me, or is December also officially the busiest (and most stressful) month of the year? I'm feeling my stress level rising as I think of all of the things I have to (want to?) do.

I think part of my stress is the pressure I put on myself for everything to be, well, perfect. For instance, a "perfect" family picture for our Christmas cards (not going to happen), or the "perfect" gift for everyone that no one will return (probably not going to happen either?). :) I need to keep my sights on the reason for the season.

We already received our first Christmas gift last weekend! Aren't these stockings amazing? Grandma knitted them for us. Well, there's more of a story to it.

Stockings 014c

Kyle's grandmother knitted one for all of her grandchildren, and her sisters also knitted them for their grandchildren. So essentially, all of the cousins have a stocking with their name on it (I hope I have my facts right).

Stockings 013c

So, since Kyle's grandmother has passed away, Kyle's mom decided to carry on the tradition, and taught herself to knit so Callie and I could also have a stocking that matches Kyle's! However, I reminded her that we want to have a big family, and she may have to knit quite a few more. :)

I wonder if this means that some day I will need to learn to knit (a scary thought).

Aren't they cute? I'm really excited to discover on Christmas morning what Santa will fill our stockings with this year! Don't read the following statement if you read this blog and still believe in Santa... I have never been the "stocking-filler" before, if you know what I mean. I must be getting old.

Stockings 019c

The other night, I was drooling over this chair from Restoration Hardware. Isn't it gorgeous? And looks so comfortable, I think I would want to curl up and stay on it for the rest of the month.

Of course with a price tag of $2995, I shouldn't even be looking! So I was shopping at a thrift store the other day (my new pastime in which I've been finding amazing deals for house stuff), and just happened to find this:

Stockings 029c

Not quite the same level of comfort, but a similar look anyway! I love the classic look of wingback chairs; you may remember my attempt at reupholstering one! And I like the tufted buttons look too.

Speaking of attemps, we have been attempting many house projects. One of them was our fireplace/mantle.

Here is the before:

And the after:

Stockings 007c

We painted white the oak mantel, which I think made a huge difference. We also removed and spray painted black the (90's looking) brass plate with this. And last, Kyle and his dad took out that (also 90's looking) can light and put in one of these. Oh, and we also painted the wall and wood trim (wall is Benjamin Moore's Hot Spring Stones and the white is Behr's Swan Wing).

Our next project (we're halfway through): the kitchen.

Stockings 002c

Merry Christmas!


Amanda said...

Those stockings are adorable!!

Your fireplace looks fantastic! It's the little details that make ALL the difference in the world. If we actually get into a different/bigger home, I think I might be joining you in our thrift store endeavors! :)

alan and steph said...

that looks great Nealy. I can't wait to see more pictures of your home.

Misty said...

I think it's great that Callie's stocking appears to be the biggest! :) And I'm totally using that black spray paint on our same 90's looking brass fireplace! I didn't know it was such an easy fix. Thanks for the tip!

Nick&Abby Flies said...

I'm desperate for a project and you have inspired me to FINALLY attempt to reupholster this old Pottery Barn white winged back chair that I got at a garage sale this summer....I may be calling for tips.....can't wait to see more house pictures!

Kiley Waite said...

Ne, you need to do another post! And please include lots of pics of Callie. :)

Laura said...

Awesome work Nealy! I love that you painted the mantle white - it looks amazing! Can't wait to see more pics of your new house!

Dee said...

Lovely blog! I just pulled those ugly brass "things" off of my fireplace, and didn't replace them! The black underneat was fine so I called it done! Nice work.

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