Dec 2, 2009

Over The River...

and through the woods...

Thanksgiving 196c grandmother's house we go.

Thanksgiving 156c

If you come to Grandma's house for Thanksgiving, you will get a chocolate turkey.

Thanksgiving 175c

You will eat at a pretty table.

Thanksgiving 179c

And someone just might take your picture...

Thanksgiving 187fc

...while you play lots of games (this one's called Sheep's Head).

Thanksgiving 201c

You might swing on a tire swing.

Thanksgiving 195c

And eat lots of Turkey (does this picture not look like it's straight from the set of Desperate Housewives?)

Thanksgiving 217c

Thanksgiving 207c

But if you are a little grouchy and super tired, you might have to miss "Baby's 1st Thanksgiving" like this little girl who ended up taking a nap instead of eating her sweet potatoes and turkey (thanks for the cute bib, Aunt Kiley)!

Thanksgiving 221c

But don't be sad when we have to leave Grandma's house....

Thanksgiving 233c

...because we will come back soon for Christmas (except it will be a new house)!

Thanksgiving 244fc


peter marie said...

Looks like a great time! Debbie used to bring us those chocolate turkeys when they came to our house when I was little and I was just thinking about them the other day. I loved them!
Harper missed her 1st Thanksgiving too....:)

Beth, Dan and Sophia said...

Looks like fun! You always find her the cutest hats!! She looks adorable!

alan and steph said...

LOVE all of the great photos. You are such a great photographer. I also love Callie's hat. Where did you get it?

Kiki said...

I love all the photos too! Callie is so adorable.

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