Dec 10, 2009

O Christmas Tree

I just might have to do this next year. Anyone with a toddler would understand. Not a bad idea!

Totally unrelated (but related to the title of this post), can someone please tell me why we sing a song to a Christmas tree?

Image credit Elle Interior


Kristina Kirsch said...

Beautiful room Nealy! Love the ceiling and all the molding. Great idea with the Christmas tree too :-)

Jenny said...

Honestly, I thought putting up a tree would be a nightmare this year with Aiden. I was sure Aiden would pull it over, but he hasn't. I put all his ornaments on the bottom so he can play with them, and it's worked out fine. Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised next year. It's not as pretty, but my mom used to put our tree inside the playpen. :)

Kiki said...

I'm thinking those presents would not last. Levi reaches up and grabs things off our dining room table. He does okay with the tree, there have been a few times he's gotten in trouble but there have been many more regarding the light switches, which are unusually low and he can reach them on his tip toes. And the kitchen light is outside of the kitchen in the dining room.

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