Oct 17, 2009

Bits of Our Weekend

This picture pretty much sums up our weekend, so far. Today was rough. Poor baby hasn't been feeling too well the past few days, and even had her first official fever. Praise God that it is now back down to normal. She's asleep in her crib, which is such a blessing because the last few nights (in our bed) were pretty sleepless, for her and for us.

Pacifier 063

Pacifiers are definitely a life saver at times, aren't they? It's so nice to be able to "pacify" her by giving her one when out in public, before a nap, and at bedtime. I also appreciate the fact that while she's sucking on one, she's not putting everything imagineable in her mouth (like usual). However, I am getting a little concerned that she's really liking them now. She will find them around the house and stick them in her mouth and if it were up to here, I think she would be sucking on one all day (and all night). The word "addicted" comes to mind. I'm a little afraid of what the future might hold when we decide to take them away. Any thoughts or suggestions on this topic?

Pacifier 069

We are still liking our Magic Bullet! I didn't think I would use it for much besides baby food, but it is so much easier to use than a blender. I think I use it almost every day, for something or other! We make smoothies for breakfast. I may be a little behind on this discovery, but Super Target has great frozen fruit (at very low prices). I think this bag of frozen mangoes was only $1.77.

Pacifier 081

Here's a little picture of Callie all bundled up. We try hard to keep our little Minnesota baby warm! I found this BundleMe on Craigslist last year (unused) for $15, and we're still using it this year! I think we are definitely getting our money's worth.

Pacifier 026

Yesterday was supposed to be our "closing day." We were all packed up and ready to go. Unfortunately, our buyer needs some more time, so we are now on "pause" and are still in our current house. We're not sure now what day we will be closing exactly, but it should be sometime before the end of October. Is this the Lord trying to teach me patience? Because I don't have time for it. :)

I've been cleaning out our freezer lately. It's pretty much empty except for a few pieces of frozen meat and some frozen breastmilk (sounds appetizing, I know). And this. Look what I found in the back of the freezer. Does anyone recognize it, perhaps?

Pacifier 086

Good guess. Our wedding "cakes," petit fours. Should we still eat them, on our anniversary in January 2010? Do you think they would still be good?

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience..." Gal 5:22


Laura said...

I remember those little cakes!!! Whenever I think of unique reception dinners, I always think of yours! :) Hope the move happens soon and that you all stay warm!

- Laura "Bergren" Bazal :)

Anonymous said...

Everyone has always told us easier to take away a pacifier then a thumb, which is totally true. I have decided not to sweat it, because you never see a 5 year old with one. I think they are even easier to take away once they are a little older. Micah has already on his own started using his less during the week. Pacifiers are my friend.

Kiki said...

You should at least try the cake, I mean you've saved them this long.

Callie is so cute, even with red eyes from crying.

Kolby is the only one of ours to use a pacifier. I wanted him to use it longer than he did. He was 2, we were at a friends house for the weekend and I'd only brought one. It got lost in the room and so we explained to him that he couldn't have it to sleep with that night. He didn't blink an eye and he didn't care. He never used one again.

Beth, Dan and Sophia said...

I wouldn't worry about it too much at this point, but for when you're ready...if you cut little bits off the edge of the pacifier, every few days, the child usually ends up giving it up themselves because they don't like how it feels anymore. It usually works pretty well because it tricks them into thinking that they decided not to like it anymore, rather than being told they can't have it.

Christy said...

ugh. sickness is no fun! i hope callie feels better soon.

and my blender is on it's last leg from overuse...you've sparked my interest on the magic bullet. hmmmm...

We used a pacifier with Audrey similar to how you've been, at naps, in the car (especially when I wanted her to nap on trips,) and out in public, like church, etc. At home I just kept them in the crib. But she never really loved it, and it fell out of her mouth a lot. At 11 months she started chucking all the pacifiers out of her crib across the room at naptime in order to get us to come back in, (AKA manipulation!!!), so we finally just went cold turkey and stopped giving them back to her. 3 days of screaming at naptime and bedtime and then she went to sleep w/o one. no fun for those 3 days, but it was only 3 days.

i swore i wouldn't use one with norah b/c i didn't want her to depend on it and have to go through that again, but alas, it works SO well!! and she goes to sleep so easily with it. so...we're back again.

i say, do whatever works for you and your kid...you know her best!

Seven Together said...

I wouldn't worry about the pacifier thing one bit. I think you will find it easier to get rid of then you think. We took away Emilee's too early (out of fear of addiction) and she became a thumb sucker at 18 months. She just turned 5 and we are still battling the thumb...so i would say go for the PACI!! :)

dannyandjessie said...
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dannyandjessie said...

Love that first picture of Callie, she's so cute!! Finch hasn't been herself sweet self lately either, then low and behold two teeth appeared. Tada, that's what the fussiness was about!

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