Oct 21, 2009

Biscuits, French Alphabet, & More

I hope you all are having a nice Wednesday! Is it me, or is this week going super fast? In one of my last posts, I mentioned that Callie was acting like she was teething. Well, same story today (and yesterday, etc.). I still don't see any teeth, but I'm not sure what else can explain this crabbiness! She's still a sweetie, just not the perfect angel I thought she was {why does this surprise me since we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and need the forgiveness of a Savior. Even sweet little Callie}.

So anyway, we gave her some wheat teething biscuits and let her make a mess with them. Can you say yummy?

Biscuit 091

Biscuit 104

Biscuit 101

I just love this French Alphabet Poster. I'm a little devastated that it's sold out {and is limited edition unfortunately}. It would have been the perfect poster to hang in Callie's new bedroom! That got me wondering if it would be possible to make one that's similar. Steph {she's my go-to DIY girl}??? :)

Speaking of DIY, I don't know what took over me when I decided I needed to reupholster a wingback chair. All by myself. With no previous experience. {Actually, I do know what took over me. I needed to channel my "new house" energy into some sort of project or else I would go mad sitting here and thinking about it all day!}

Man, what a tough job! I worked on it most of the day yesterday, and this morning too. The best part? Picking out the new fabric. The worst part? Removing the old staples. I've snapped a "before" shot, and as soon as it's ready for an "after" short, I'll get back to you!

Back to the babe, Callie has been so tired lately.

Biscuit 017

She's been taking much longer naps, and seems to still be tired as soon as she wakes up. Hopefully she's just recovering from her fever she had last week and is nothing serious.

Did I say she was sweet? Don't you just want to eat her up?

Biscuit 019


Christy said...

just wanted to say i really like the new look on your site! and i love the motherhood quote. thanks for sharing that.

Kiki said...

I too like the new look! You're so good about changing things up. And i love that quote too. I need to read that book.

And yes, Callie is adorable.

Lena said...

That first picture of Callie is sooo cute! and I totally see Brady in that face, he gives it to me all the time!

Amanda said...

Yes, I just want to eat Callie up! She is adorable...But I can tell from the pictures that she's worn out, poor tike. I hope she feels better soon! Teething is ALWAYS the excuse I have when my kids are extra crabby/tired/low grade fever, and it can literally go on for months sometimes!

alan and steph said...

I'm thinking about the art project... will get back with you :)

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