Oct 12, 2009

10 Reasons It's A Rough Day

rough day

1. I took a short {10 minute} nap this afternoon, and mom didn't immediately get me out of my crib {because she wanted to see if I would fall back to sleep. No such luck}.

2. Mom will not let me play with the cords to the TiVo. But I love those cords, they are so much fun!

3. I might be teething. I'm not sure yet, mom can't see any teeth. But I just might be. I'm definitely acting like it.

4. My face gets all red and puffy when I cry {just like my mom's does}.

5. I reallllly want to play with mom's blackberry. But she takes it away from me every time I get it. All the buttons look like so much fun. Can I have a blackberry, too?

6. Lots of my toys are put away in storage or packed in the garage {because we are moving soon}. I mean, what am I supposed to play with?

7. I shoved too many Cheerios in my mouth today at lunch and almost started to choke. Almost {she's fine, don't worry}. I'm really starting to love Cheerios.

8. The snow. At the beginning of October. If I was more than 8 months old, I might know that it's way too early for snow.

9. Mom keeps sticking her camera in my face.

10. I miss my Grandmas!!! Come visit me soon!

Love, Callie


Christy said...

we can totally relate to the short naps. so frustrating. hopefully we'll all figure out how to lengthen those soon! --christy & norah :)

Kiki said...

She's still cute.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a great picture of her. You're getting really good at it!

Debbie said...

Grandma L thinks you are a beautiful little girl, Callie. I miss you, too....see you soon.

Cindy said...

I definitely think Callie needs a Grama to make it all better : )

Laura said...

What an adorable picture! She is just so stinkin cute! If I didn't live across the country I would drive right over to your house to give her a big hug :)

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