Oct 10, 2009

The End of Summer

We took these pictures on one of the last weekends at the lake this summer. It feels like summer just ended and fall is just beginning, but with a reminder of the {snow} this morning, I think I'm off by a few months!

Isn't that a beautiful quilt? One of my grandmothers made it.

As sad as I am that summer is done, it's so nice to be home again on the weekends. With 4 weddings, 2 high school reunions, a few fishing trips and many lounging weekends at the lake, I think I've been constantly packing and unpacking. For three.

We had a nice Saturday today, packing up our stuff. We got quite a lot accomplished. Aunt E even came over to play with Callie. What a lucky little lady!


chevysmith said...

LOVE those pictures, Nealy!! Well done. And cute! :)

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