Jun 18, 2009

Headband Giveaway Results!

The giveaway results are here! Congratulations to Steph for winning the crazy giant flowered headband. I was very excited about this winner because she will be having her own baby girl in about a month!

Steph, let me know if you would like your headband in hot pink, light pink, purple, or white. And don't forget to send us a picture so we can see the headband, modeled by baby Flies!

Thanks so much for all of your entries, too! I loved hearing about everyone's "favorite blog."

And I promise...the next giveaway will be non-baby-related.


peter marie said...

What a cute picture!!

So do you make these or buy them? I've bought a few, but just got a few headbands and am going to try and make some this weekend. Just can't get enough of them! :)

alan and steph said...

NO WAY! I'm so excited.... baby flies says "Thanks!" Bright pink would be perfect.

mrs. barton said...

where do you get them?!

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