Jun 17, 2009

The Longest Thirty Seconds

I'm currently bidding on this shirt on eBay.

Cute, huh? Tried it on at the store and they didn't have my size. I love tops with buttons, lace, or ruffles.

Thirty minutes left. I set the timer in my kitchen so I don't forget about it. If you really want to win an item, you have to be there in the last few minutes. If you miss the ending, you usually miss out. Someone else will outbid you at the last second.

Five minutes left. Still the highest bidder. I'm starting to feel a little anxious at the thought of having to try to outbid someone. Hopefully no one else will also be trying to win the item at the last minute.

Two minutes left. Currently the highest bidder. My heart is beating fast and my palms are getting sweaty. I'm continuously refreshing my screen every two seconds, not wanting to see the words, "you have been outbid." Still the highest bidder. Yeah! And paying less than I would have at the store!

Thirty seconds left. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Still the highest bidder. Same price. Phew. This is the longest thirty seconds I can remember. It's only been ten seconds? That just felt like an hour. Still the highest bidder. Refresh. Wipe my palms.

Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Five seconds left. Refresh. Refresh. Wait. I think it ended. Did I win?

"Congratulations, the item is yours!" Phew.


Karen said...

I love it! That's totally the emotions I go through when bidding on something.

And now as a seller on ebay, I still go through it when I get a notification that a sale has ended I get all excited to see how much money I've made!!!

Congrats on your win!

The Chidisters said...

Bidding on ebay makes me nervous too. I love the "buy it now" option so I don't have to deal with the anxiety (or be around when the auction ends.) Cute shirt!

Juliet Mock said...

You are too funny! You wrote your bidding war so well I was getting anxious to read the outcome! Cute shirt...congrats!

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