Jun 13, 2009

Giveaway: That Crazy Giant Flowered Headband

Callie her mom just loves her crazy giant flower headbands! I guess you could say they make up for her lack of hair. Although I think a bald baby is beautiful. =) Anyway, we wanted to give you a chance to have your own! They are super cute on babies, and even look great as a headband in older girls’ hair as well.

Warning: wearing this giant flowered headband may invoke additional attention from random strangers.

How to enter: Just leave a comment and tell me what your favorite blog to read is and why. No, I am not fishing for comments…I am really interested in hearing what blog/blogs you like reading the best (since we all have limited time and can‘t read every blog)! Don't be shy...you can enter even if you don't have a baby....or a kid...or if you just have boys...or if I don't know you...or if you have a granddaughter...or if it's just for yourself...or for a gift for someone...or if you're a guy and you read this blog...

One random winner will be selected and will be mailed their own flower headband! I would love to post a picture of the winner again as well, so make sure to send me one when you receive it!

Good luck…the winner will randomly be selected and announced on Thursday, June 18th.

Happy weekend!


mindy said...
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mindy said...

I have many favorites! I have quite a few loaded into my google reader. A couple of my most favorite are:
a good all-around blog, this woman is amazing:

a fund designer's blog:

a friend's blog, has a fun style and loves her little baby boy:

ROCKIN' photography blog (I talk about these people like I know them, I would totally want to be their friend!):

Lori said...

Favorite blog right now is

The Crockpot Lady

She has LOTS and LOTS of great crock pot recipes!!! Yum, yum!!

Lori K

Hamblin Bunch said...

I only read a few blogs, but I must say www.mycharmingkids is one of my favorites. Probably cause I can relate so much with all the kids we both have so close together.

Troy did laugh when he saw me entering for this giveaway. But he can't deny the fact that Aliya would more than adorable in such a thing! :)

Nate and Natalie said...

I have so many favorites. I would have to say that I love blogs with lots of pictures and videos. I would have to say one of my favorites is my sister-in-laws, because we are able to see our nephew and soon to be here niece. Love these drawings Nealy and love those flower headbands!!! Elyse has the hat, now shooting for a headband ;)

alan and steph said...

I'm a professed blog-addict! I love reading any sort of blog; however, my favorite, hands down, is Hostess with the Mostess....she has incredible entertaining tips. www.hostessblog.com

Stephanie said...

My favorite blogs are those of my friends and family, espcially those that we don't get to see often: both my sister-in-laws, Nealy's, Kristy's. I love being able to see what they are up to.

Christy said...

Love that headband, and have a new little one whose head might be smaller than the flower! :) I like reading blogs of other moms, especially those who are farther down the "motherhood road" than I am, that I can learn from. One fave is a friend in Omaha, http://garrettandbecky.blogspot.com. She's hilarious, and godly, and I've learned a lot reading about what's going on in her life.
Thanks for the giveaway Nealy! Great idea!

Kiley Waite said...

My favorite blog is bambina babe! It's the only one I read all of. :)

dannyandjessie said...

I was just talking to another momma about those crazy big flowers on Callie's head! They are too cute! I love reading other mom's blogs, it's like a good dose of empowerment. I really like Mark Arant's blog's though, straight to the point, very funny.


Callie is beautiful!

Marcus, Rebecca, Buddy, and Doodle said...

I don't know if I have a favorite blog, per say, but I have a few favorite blog names. For example, I love BambinaBabe. I also love Seventogether, and brown's bloggie spot. It's kind of like creating your own magazine name!

mrs. barton said...

I love reading blogs of other moms as well, mostly because i am a first time mom and love getting ideas from them!

Those headbands are too cute! so is callie!

peter marie said...

I absolutely love, love, love flower head wraps! That one is so adorable and so HUGE!

I love reading any blog that involves a mom, babies, and recipes and good photos.

(If my number is the winner, please do it again so someone else can win this time!)

Leah said...

Nealy, you're probably going to think... why is she reading my blog, I don't even know her. Well, first, it is the only way I hear what's going on with that crazy KILEY!!! Also, I love to read what mothers are learning. I start at the Klausers and just read all the things all these new moms are learning! I'm not a mom, nor expecting, but someday maybe!? I have some pregnant friends whom this gift would be great for!!!

My favorite blog to read... 'Seagulls in the Parking Lot'

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