Feb 19, 2009

Life-Saving Baby Gear #2

The Arm's Reach mini co-sleeper.

I just love this piece of baby equipment and so far it has been one of our favorite items.

It's a bassinet that can be easily wheeled around the house. It's small enough that we can move it into the living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, anywhere.

It's a co-sleeper in the sense that it actually attaches to the side of our bed. One of the side-rails adjusts down (as pictured), so I can easily lift her out at night, as well as change her diaper, without even getting out of bed. So far, she's slept really well in it. She sleeps close to us, without the worries of "did I just roll over and squash our baby?"

Did I mention that it's easy to pack-up and travel with? Also, it has side-pockets that hold her diapers, wipes, etc. The best part of all? She sure looks pretty cute in it! =)


Marcus, Rebecca, Chase, and Madelyn said...

That was my absolute favorite baby gear when Madelyn was an infant. I used it right up until she crawled out of it onto me while I was sleeping! It just makes everything so much easier! I used to put it right in front of the door to the bathroom when I would take a shower so if she woke up I would hear her right away! I'm glad you have this thing!

Elyse said...

How did she get so big already?!?!

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