Feb 17, 2009


We joined a gym last fall. We loved it. It's the local community center, and after our insurance reimbursement, it's super cheap. They have a very nice work-out facility, complete with multiple TV's and stocked with magazines, lots of different machines and a nice locker-room. It has everything that the big, fancy ones have except no pool or child-care facility, which we thought we could do without for awhile. And I like it because it's not so crowded. I love the elliptical, and did that up to my 7-8th month of pregnancy, then had to resort to walking (or, waddling!). When we joined, I planned to bring our baby when we had her in her carseat and set it next to me for the first few months. And we would see in the future about finding a place with childcare (they have to be 3 months old first, anyway).

The first time I went in, I brought the stroller to walk around the track with. I was informed that strollers were not allowed on the track. So instead I put the stroller next to the elliptical while I worked out. On my way out, they told me that strollers were not allowed in the fitness center.

So the next time I went, I set her in the carseat next to the elliptical. She did great, no problems. Then they told me that no one under the age of 12 is allowed in the fitness center. The only thing I could do was put her on my front-pack carrier (ie, Baby Bjorn) and walk around the track.

So I did that. I picked up some free-weights to work on my arms while walking. I was starting to have a renewed liking for the gym and thought I could do this a few times a week. And then...another lady stopped me and told me that free-weights are not allowed on the track. Could there be any more rules?

So basically all I can do is walk around the track with her in the Baby Bjorn. I'd rather do that at the mall, where it's free!



The Chidisters said...

Bummer! Good effort for trying though. It will be nice when you find a place with childcare and hopefully the weather will start to get nice soon so at least you can take her on walks outside. We are anxious to get outside as well. Take care!

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

I had similar problems with Levi and finally he is 3 months old, old enough for childcare and the first time I take him, they had forgotten to put him on the schedule. It wasn't hurmorous to me but they did take him.

djp said...

that's annoying! just know you are doing a good thing getting to they gym and it is too bad the place is so constraning. I hope spring comes early and you and Callie can enjoy time outside :)

Marcus, Rebecca, Chase, and Madelyn said...

Wow! How in the world are you back at the gym already? Don't burn too many calories if you're nursing. When Madelyn was a little baby I used to go and burn about 200 calories and then leave because it affects your supply for the baby - I had a hard time staying hydrated drinking 8 glasses of water a day at not working out! You must be super mama!

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