Feb 20, 2009

Beautiful Feet!

I just love Callie's super long, skinny feet! I knew they would be pretty long because of her ultrasound pictures at 20 weeks. Definitely the same baby!


Holmfamily said...

i LOVE baby feet too!
aspen had the long skinny feet and titus had the short and chubby feet, both of which are adorable!

Jenny said...

I love baby feet too! I'm glad to hear you guys like your co-sleeper. For our next baby we will FOR SURE be getting one of these. Aiden had a cradle by our bed which was fine and has now moved into our bed...it's so much better for us if we co-cleep. However, some extra room would be nice. How big can Calli get before she outgrows it? Would it work for a baby Aiden's age?

djp said...

baby feet are so cute!!!

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