May 9, 2011

Nap Time | A Reference

I don't know about you, but there definitely are days when I can't wait until nap time!  Especially days like this.

Just call me the mamarazzi.  :)  Why is taking pictures of my own children so difficult? Let's just say this pretty much ended in both girls screaming in their carseats the whole way home.

So back to nap time.  I recently found a great article about kids and napping in Parenting Magazine.  I ripped it out to keep the article as a reference, and Callie somehow managed to completely shred the front cover so I can't figure out title of the article, buy it's by Maura Rhodes in the March 2011 issue.

Here's what "they" say naps should look like for each age:

0-8 Weeks: three or four naps (or more), for a total of seven hours
2-6 Months: three naps, for a total of five hours

6-8 Months: two or three naps, for a total of three and a half hours
8-12 Months: two naps, for a total of three hours

12-18 Months: two naps, for a total of two and a quarter to two and a half hours
18 Months-3 Years: one nap in the afternoon, for at least two hours

3 Years: one afternoon nap, for about 90 minutes
4-5 Years: one optional nap (in the afternoon), or at least 45 minutes of quiet time

I thought this was helpful so maybe you will too.  Now, we all know there are always exceptions to every rule, but I am curious.  Do your kids' naps line up with these suggestions?  My two-year-old's is right on. My 4-month-old (who is crying in her crib because she just woke up from her nap and I need to make this short so I can go get her) probably takes about 3-4 short naps a day. She's a super short napper, and I am needing to get on a more consistent schedule with her.  But I am honestly just enjoying her portability at this age- she sleeps pretty much the whole time we go anywhere in her carseat.

Hope this reference is helpful for someone!

Does anyone else have this difficult a time w/ taking pictures of your kids? :)


Jack and Sheryl said...

We have three small children and getting pictures of them together is often a joke.

The best pictures of them that I have gotten has been when they've said, "Take our picture, Mommy." I know I need to run and get the camera, because it's their idea and they are in the mood.
A rule of thumb in our house is that if we don't get it in the first couple of shots, it's not going to happen. Their best smiles are usually at first.
And if it's a picture I really want to take, even if they are not in the mood, I am not above bribery for photographs. A small piece of chocolate usually suffices. :) It almost always works.

Aja said...

Gosh, I wish my five month old napped for 5 hours! She's a total catnapper.. Typically about 30 minutes each. So no, we don't line up with this :)

Cheeky D said...

This is really helpful and my 11 month old matched up perfectly. It seemed like my kid was sleeping more than my friends kids so I was a little worried but now I can just be happy and they can be jealous! :)

Thanks for sharing!

Mommy Girl said...

taking pictures of my kids is pure torture! Especially family photos or what I ask for every Mother's Day - a photo of me with my children! They never come out good and yes, my children too end up crying and screaming!!!

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