May 5, 2011


I saw this peanut butter with strawberries in a magazine somewhere and thought it looked so cute!  So we made them today and they were a hit! We tried those bagel thins for the first time this week, and I have to admit they're not bad!

Is anyone else so ready for summer?  This spring has been pretty brutal...especially considering the fact that as I was loading the girls up to head to the gym on May 1st, it was snowing.  Seriously snowing!  Thankfully it didn't stick, and thankfully there's a little sunshine today.  What is it about sunshine that puts you in such a good mood?

My "babies" are doing good.  Clara is 4 months now and loves sitting in the high chair to watch us eat (we tilt the seat back a little).  She just loves to be right in the action and see what's going on.  A lady commented the other day that she looks like she will be a "true blonde." Well, at least there will be one of those in this family!  ;) 

We were out with some friends at a French-American restaurant a few weeks ago and I just loved their huge salt shakers on the tables.  So I asked the waiter where I could get one that was similar (the back says Product of France") and he told me to just put it in my purse.  What??? He said they had a ton of them in the back and that I could have it.  Really?  So I stuck it in my purse and made a run for it. ;)

Well, now I've gotta's nap time {finally} and I've got a house to clean. :)  Au revoir!


Lindsay said...

I love your calendar! Where did you get it?

Laura said...

Where did you get that gorgeous calendar?!

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