Feb 23, 2011

Meet Sleep Sheep

I would like to introduce you to my #1 absolute favorite baby item.  Meet....

the Cloud B Sleep Sheep On The Go.

If I run into you at the grocery store and you think you hear a faint gurgling noise, or ocean waves, or rain, or a whale (yes, a whale) in the background, it is not your imagination.  It is, in fact, my Sleep Sheet On The Go.

It's a little white noise machine (battery-operated) that attaches to the carseat, crib, anywhere really.  It produces a soothing noise that's supposed to keep a baby sleeping.  Does it work?  As far as I can tell, yes.  We turn it on, give her a pacifier, and rock her carseat a little bit and she is out!  

At under $25, this would be a great baby shower gift for a new mom!  :)   It's a total life saver.  Thank you, Cloud B.  :)  Oh, I bought mine on Amazon.  I also found them at Babies R Us (and free shipping).

When Clara's not sleeping in her carseat, she loves her baby swing.  Seriously, what would a mom do without these modern inventions? {and no, my kids don't always wear tutus, I promise!

How would we have time to clean our sinks???  {Did you like that tie-in? Pretty slick.  So I've had a few people ask me what we clean our sink with.  My favorite so far has been Bar Keeper's Friend.  Similar to Comet but not as harsh, it does the job.  I buy it at Target.}  

And how would we moms have time to cook?  {Another stretch to tie it all together...but I wanted to share our family's new favorite panini...Brie-Apple-Turkey.  It's good. And easy.  I make mine in what I call my Poor Man's Panini Press- my George Foreman!  Just those three ingredients on some italian-style crusty bread, and you've got a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich.}  

That's all for now! We'll be back soon...


The Chidisters said...

We also love/loved the sleep sheep. We tried it on Olivia's crib at daycare when she was in the baby room, trying to get her to sleep longer in a room full of other non-sleeping, noisy babies. Didn't work out so great there but now the girls really like playing with it and we do still take it on trips with us and attach it to the outside of the pack-n-play (so Olivia won't play with it.) Sometimes one of the girls will have turned it on without me knowing and it takes me a while to figure out why I think I'm hearing whales.

nick&abby said...

is it a little sleep sheep? we got a big one for Addy for a baby shower gift and it was great for traveling

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