Feb 17, 2011

10 Ikea Favorite Finds

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I totally have a love-hate relationship with Ikea.  Most of the store really is not my style, and many of the products are cheap or cheap-looking.  However, I realized there are about 10 things from Ikea that I really like.  And most of the items are great deals; you've gotta love a great bargain from this giant Swedish home store!

1. Stool.    At around six dollars, you can't beat the price for this plastic stool.  I keep one in my kitchen for Callie- she loves to push it around so she can conveniently reach things off the counter.  It definitely beats her pushing our chairs around the kitchen (and scratching our wood floors in the process)!

2.  Farm Sink.  I've blogged about how much I like this sink before...and since then I think I know 2-3 people who have added this stylish sink to their kitchen as well. Love it!

3.  Play Kitchen We have a similar-looking play kitchen from Target, but I love this modern, gender-neutral one too.

4.  Laptop support.  Probably the best three dollars I've spent.  We keep our laptop on this plastic stand and it keeps it upright (and my leg from getting burned).  ;)

6.  Ektorp sofa.  Okay so we have this white couch (the sleeper sofa version). It's the perfect affordable, transitional-style couch for just about any room in the house.

7.  Artificial plants Maybe I shouldn't broadcast the fact that I have artificial plants around our house, but after I killed about

8.  Mixing bowls I love these bowls so much I bought two sets. They're inexpensive, lightweight, and white (can you tell I like white?).

9.  Napkins How can you leave Ikea without throwing in a few packs of napkins?

10.  Expedit bookshelf  with baskets. I just saw this at my friend Amanda's house, and I like them so much that I plan to get two of these in our den.

There you go!  My favorite Ikea finds.  What are your favorites?  Did I miss anything?


Misty said...

I would say 75% of the furniture in our house is from Ikea...things like tv stands and everything in Sydney's room. The drag is having to put it all together. But it's held up nicely, endured my family! :)

The Chidisters said...

I had my first IKEA experience right before Christmas with my Mom. I agree that a lot of the stuff is pretty cheaply made but we did find a lot of fun things too. I got a black and white pillow that I LOVE, a serving tray, some different color straws (for Abbie) and of course...napkins =) We already have a couple of step stools for the girls but I really like that one.

peter marie said...

I love their big rolls of paper. I unroll a big sheet on the floor and the kids can color on it. I love the napkins too! We don't get there too often, but I love it!

Brakes and Gas said...

I have so enjoyed perusing your blog today! Your style is fantastic and your kids are adorable! I am due with my 2nd little girl in April and my girls will be about 2 years apart too. I look forward to reading about your experiences juggling mommyhood with 2 little ladies so close in age! Keep up the good work!

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