Sep 9, 2010

Hello World!

Not sure exactly where we've been, but it's been good.  And busy.  We've been cooking, eating, sleeping, playing, and taking goofy pictures with messy faces. 

Callie had a little trip to Grandma Camp last week for 4.5 days.  It was a long and short week both at the same time.  The house was quiet and we missed her so much.  But we also got so much done and stayed out late most nights, went out to eat, and did things that we "used to do." We also tiled our own backsplash.  I know you're all just dying to see how my kitchen looks this week, but it's currently too messy for pictures.  :)

What happens at grandma's stays at grandma's.  Ha, ha, let's hope that's not really true.  :)  Or maybe hope that it is true???  Grandma had a slide and Callie loved it.  Supposedly she wouldn't share it with anyone, either.  Watch out, baby #2!

Callie also learned another new word (or fifty).  "Owie." She likes to point out her owies and "bug bites."   Here she is, demonstrating her self-inflicted "owie" {which is really a here for more info about that}. 

One thing that did not stay and grandma's is the pacifier.  Although she hasn't used a pacifier in over a year, grandma tried it again to help her little arm heal up.  It's working. 

We've been doing a little cooking here and there.  Her first "onion" tears. 

One of my new favorite breakfast foods to make is a breakfast pizza.  It's just your favorite pizza dough topped with sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, cheese, and your choice of meats or vegetables.  It's definitely a "man's" breakfast.  Make this for your husband and he will be a happy man.  :)

Is anyone else totally ready for fall? 

 It's by far my favorite season and I decided to kick-off the beginning with a new candle today from Target {yes, that's our new backsplash and counters - white subway tile and Carrara marble, my dream kitchen is slowly coming together...more on that coming soon}.

Have a good weekend!  It's almost Friday!


alan and steph said...

how funny???!!! I totally want to do that White subway tile in our next place. Love it! Miss you :(

Misty said...

I'm so excited to see your after photos of your kitchen!

I think it's great how many things you do with Callie!!! She will grow up to be a creative cook like her mama.

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