Aug 20, 2010

Mysterious Bruises

A few weeks ago we started noticing these round purple bruises up and down Callie's arms.  They almost looked like someone's thumb prints down her arms.  

At first I thought I must just be imagining it.  But they didn't totally go away, and she was getting new ones. They didn't seem to be hurting her, but they were just strange.

Then I started wondering if someone was somehow abusing her when we weren't around.  This seemed unlikely because the only times someone else is watching her are for an hour at the gym or the church nursery, and a few babysitter here and there that we totally trust.  Surely this wouldn't be happening in any of those places.  So what was it, then?

So I made an appointment to see her pediatrician (it worked out well that she had her 18-month check-up coming up).  And then I wondered if the doctor would think that we were abusing her???  I'm sure they need to check-up on things like this.  That thought was a little unsettling.  

A few days before her appointment with the pediatrician, Kyle and I were discussing this.  He said, you know, I have seen her suck on her arm when I put her to bed at night.  I hadn't noticed this yet, but he was right -- she had started sucking on her arm to soothe herself to sleep!  She's had no interested in a pacifier since she was little, and has never had an interest in sucking her thumb.  And suddenly, at 18 months, she started sucking on her arm!  

They were hickeys!  That explains it.  How funny!  

So I wanted to get a picture of this.  Here's from our camping trip this weekend.

What a goof!


Christy said...

this cracked me up. too funny!

Amanda said...

That is SO funny and what a precious picture! I wonder how long this will last?! :)

The New Witty's said...

OH my goodness! this would have alarmed me! but I (bold I) would have felt like the goof by not noticing or recognized that they were hickeys!!!
what a goofy girl! :D

Katie Schmidt said...

NO WAY! Britta sucks on her arm all the time! I'll make sure I remember your story if she ever does it too hard!

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