Aug 17, 2010

The Great Outdoors

We took our little munchkin on her first camping trip this weekend!  She loved to be outside, or "siiiide," as she would say. 

Went went way up to the Northwoods where it was much cooler.  Actually, we saw our first signs of fall, which made me pretty excited for the things to come!

We did some hiking.

And tried to use the Baby Bjorn as a back-carrier, but it really didn't work that well so we turned her around.  I think the weigh limit is 25 pounds, and let's just say she's just about there, with maybe a few ounces left to grow.  :) 

 We made some delicious Caribou coffee over the campfire.

We had some good food at the picnic table.

And spent some time with Grandma {who was a lifesaver for me because she brought me a super thick mattress pad to put over my air mattress...this turned up very handy when our air mattress deflated on the first night!}. 

and gave kisses to Grandpa...

It was a great trip, and a little rain and mosquitoes didn't ruin it for us. We're hoping to do another family camping trip soon!


Barb Bloom said...

I loved seeing the pictures of your camping vacation. Callie looks so cute. I especially enjoyed the picture of Debbie and Callie - it actually looks like Debbie is relaxing :) Kissing Grandpa is adorable. Sadly, summer is about over.....glad you made time for a family trip!

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