Sep 15, 2010

First Day of School

Callie had her first day of  "school" this week!  By school, I mean her first day of her Mother's Day Out program. We packed up her backpack (from here) with lots of fun things like a sack lunch, sippy cup, blankee and paci.  

She did great!   She didn't cry and jumped right in and started playing with the kids when we got there.  It's a great Christian-based program, and the teachers are wonderful too.  Callie even has a friend, Turner, who is in her class.  When I picked her up, the teachers said they were impressed by her talking and signing (I'm sure this was for "more" Apple Jacks since we don't have those at home!) and how much she loves to sing, dance, and do actions to the songs.  Overall, it was a successful day and I think she had a lot of fun!

The best part was, I cleaned my whole house, including finally putting the sheets on the guest beds (that had been sitting on the floor for a week).  I was amazed at what I can get done when I don't have a little munchkin following me around messing everything up!  ;)  It was great to have a few hours off, and I will definitely be looking forward to next week!

P.S. No Callie didn't take the bus.  It just happened to be in the background at the perfect time.  ;)


Maria said...

She is adorable!!!

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