Sep 16, 2010

Double Stroller Review {decision made...check!}

Ah, stoller shopping!  There's something fun and exciting about it.  A new baby, a new double stroller.  I'm not sure when a stroller turned from a functional baby item to almost an accessory, but there sure are some pretty rockin' strollers out there.

First, the Phil and Ted's.  Before really looking, I always kind of assumed that this would be my double stroller of choice.  I have a few friends that use it (she was the first one that told me about it), and they seem to really like it.  It's stylish yet practical.  It's from New Zealand.  And it can be both a single and a double stroller (the second seat can be purchased separately).  I don't quite understand the different models (Dash, Sport, Classic, and now Explorer) since the stores that sell these tend to only carry only one model at a time.

Next in the running, the Uppa Baby.  My sister actually has this stroller in black, it is so cool and they seem to be really happy with it.  There's an attachment called a Rumbleseat, which is similar to the Phil and Ted's tandem seat.  This would be a great option as a first stroller that can grow with your family.

Another stroller in that's similar is the Britax B Ready.  It seems pretty convenient as a double or single. Britax is known for their quality carseats, so I'm sure the strollers are great too.  However, it did seem pretty huge when I was pushing it around at the store.

Thanks to Deadra, I just discovered that Bugaboo is coming out with a double stroller in April.  It's called the Donkey, and it looks pretty cool.  I will be a teensy bit sad to part with our single one; we've loved it and it has served us well.

However, last but certainly not least is... Baby Jogger's City Select.  Kiley and I were at the state fair a few weeks ago and saw a lady with this stroller and had to ask what it was called.  I think the pictures speak for themselves.  One stroller.  Sixteen different options for the seat/seat-carseat/seat-seat/carseat-carseat combination.  It looks and feels like a Bugaboo, just with another seat on the front (or car seat).  I've read really great reviews about this stroller and it was even sold out for months when it first came out.  I always told myself that a perfect stroller does not exist, but this one just might have changed my mind.  Best part is?  It's super easy to use, fold, unfold, etc.  Even a grandma can learn to use it, I'm told.  ;)

So I think I've made my decision. Are there any readers who have this stroller?  If so, I would love to hear from you.  


chevysmith said...

Fun to see you today!

The City Select was actually our favorite too! But price won out, and we got the Phil & Teds (which we like).

Kiki said...

That does look perfect! Very cool. Strollers/infant carriers have been my nemesis.

Tember said...

I had a Phil and Teds and loved it but we grew out of it quickly! It only worked well for us for about a year and then we had some fighting over who had to sit in the back (and they outgrew the weight restriction for the bottom seat). The City Select looks like a great option! Can't wait to hear what you think of it.

Karen said...

Man, you almost make me want to have another baby and have you do my shopping for me! These are so fun! : -)

Erica said...

We have the Baby Jogger City Micro and love it, so I bet any stroller by Baby Jogger is good. It looks like a great one. Did you get to push one around? Where were you looking?

Misty said...

Stroller have come such a long way! I have to say that what I think is best about the Baby Jogger stroller is that one child isn't stuck under where they can't see what's going on. I'm amazed... (and am apparently aging myself as I type this comment).

Sharmin Akter said...

That does look perfect! Very cool. Strollers/infant carriers have been my nemesis.babystroller

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