Jul 13, 2010

La Comida

 Here's a little recap of the yummy Mexican food we had while on our trip. One of my favorite parts of traveling is the food.  Is anyone with me here?  I love trying new things, and then recreating them at home.  As you will be able to see, my kind of restaurant when we're traveling isn't a five-star gormet; it's more of a local place with really good food (and cheap is a bonus). 

I'll start with a local favorite...grilled shrimp tacos {definitely something I'll be making soon}.  These were soooo yummy, and could be found at just about any restaurant in this part of Mexico.  They were on corn tortillas, and the shrimp was really tasty.  The best part was the melted white cheese on the tacos too, yum.  They had these tacos with fish and lobster too. And just about everything was served with guac and refried beans {which tasted amazing for the first day or two, then I just couldn't bring myself to eat anything with that mushy texture for awhile}! 

Another favorite of mine was the salsa.  Not just any salsa but fresh, super red-tomato salsa (think pico de gallo).  They served it with chips just about everywhere...it was so good.... just ripe tomatoes, cilantro, mild onion, and a little jalepeno chopped super small, maybe with some salt.  Very fresh.

We shared a mexican platter one night at a place called The Purple Onion.  It was quite similar to something you can get here (except the salsa was way better). 

A typical day for us was making breakfast in our room (eggs and toast or french toast with coffee), splitting an appetizer by the pool for lunch, and then going out on the town for dinner.  We tried this place on the water one night - I can't remember the name but it had some great food and lovely atmosphere. 

I got this Yucatan dish - it was mahi-mahi and shrimp in some sort of yummy sauce, wrapped in banana leaves.  Probably one of my favorite meals of the trip. 

And Kyle got some sort of shrimp that was cooked with tomatoes, and it came with corn tortillas on the side. 

And last but certainly not least was the yogurt.  A pregnant lady has got to snack, right?  I had this in Mexico a few years ago when we were with my family, and couldn't wait ot get it again...it's Mango Yogurt.  Why do other countries have yogurt that is so much better than ours?  

 Oh...the place was called Pueblo Bonito in Mazatlan (I apologize for not listing the name in my first post).  We loved it; it was a great place to relax soak up the sun! 

Now did this post make you hungry???  ;)


The New Witty's said...

bambina!!! we always stay at Pueblo Bonito when we go to Mztln...
and I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with you about the yogurt. Although the brand Lala is pretty good and has finally made it to the states. :)

Amanda said...

yes, I am hungry now. thankyouverymuch. :) Next time we have a girls night, let's do a mexican theme. my mouth is watering! :)

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