Jul 14, 2010

Baby Names

Our conversations when reading through baby name books goes a little like this.


I think you get the picture {disclaimer: these names were the first four in our baby name book and not ones that we are really considering...but of course you probably guessed that}!  We have a few boy names, kind of a few girl names, but we're just not sure if we've found the perfect name yet.  Well, maybe I should clarify, I think I've found the perfect baby names, both one boy and one girl name, but Kyle's not sure about them. So either I'm going to have to convince him, or we're going to have to think of something else.  Help!  We're definitely open to suggestions at this point!  :) 

Here's what the monkey has been doing 24/7 lately.  Climbing. On. Everything.

However, I've found that there really is something to the whole discipline thing {consistent discipline, I might add}!   We started giving her a light pat on the bottom and a one-minute time-out if she stands on our chairs or gets on our kitchen table (yes, it's happened).  And it only took about 1.5 days and now I think she's learned to obey! 

We've also had a Miss Independence problem where she simply does not want to hold our hand crossing the street and will scream a high-pitched scream, then start rolling around on the ground if we try to hold her hand (when crossing the street).  However, I had to {consistently} tell her that her choices are 1. to hold mommy's hand when we cross the street, or 2. that mommy will have to carry her across the street.  And what do you know...yesterday, it worked!  It took about two weeks of being firm, and yesterday she held my hand when we crossed the street at the library!  I have to say, I've found it more difficult than I would have guessed to be consistent with discipline.  She needs to know the rules and the consequences if she breaks the rules...but boy, it sure is easy to be lazy and just let it go!  I am always tempted.

I finally got around to getting this book. 

I haven't exactly read it quite yet, but it's been recommended to me by quite a few people, so I thought I'd give it a try. 

We've been doing a little baking around here too. Crazy, I know, that I will let her sit on our countertops when we cook {safely in the corner} but not stand on the chairs.  What a crazy mom.  :)

She's a big help in the kitchen and I think she'll follow our family's footsteps with a love for chocolate.  I mean, what good are brownies without extra chocolate {a milk-chocolate hazelnut bar to be exact}? 

They didn't turn out too bad if I do say so myself.

Oh, she started giving "real" kisses.  By real, I mean with her mouth closed and lips puckered. 

She's such a daddy's girl, and she's got him wrapped around her little bitty finger.  Last night around 9:30pm when we went to bed {Callie was sound asleep in her crib}, Kyle begged me to let him get her out of her crib and bring her in our bed for a little bit.  It was sweet...she came in and slept on his chest for awhile then he put her back.  No damage done, just a little bit of extra cuddling.

Oh, Callie got a new toy. A stroller, from here.  She loves pushing her baby around the house in it. 

This doll is hilarious.  It laughs when you squeeze it and Callie gets so excited!  Thanks, Aunt Ki, for the laughing doll!  We're still enjoying it!

Have a good night!  More coming soon!


Jenny said...

I let Aiden sit on the counter too....but it's so fun when you are a kid so I think it's ok to let it slide. :)

As for names....I am of the firm belief that the woman's opinion counts for more since they are the ones that have to gain all that weight (among other things that come with being pg). In our house the vote is somewhere between 60/40 or 70/30. :)

Nikki said...

You are so right about discipline, consistency is key, and sometimes it's hard.

I used to let Cade sit on the counter when he was younger, not he pulls up a stool or chair and loves to help.

Baby names, that is a tough one. We had a hard time picking out another boy name. Our girl name was Kari Grace, but we didn't get to use it.

nick&abby said...

Adelyn loves her baby stroller too! She's tossed the poor doll down the stairs I don't know how many times! :)
discipline is SO tiring...but pays off in the end, right?? :)
We've totally had our names picked out since before we were pregnant...how lame are we? :)
You will LOVE Understanding Exposure...I'm not a photography guru by ANY means, but it's helped me figure out how to use my camera and do alot more.. :)
okay...sorry about the novel :) Happy Thursday!

wright said...

Great post- so much going on.
I know what you mean about the baby names. We haven't talked about it a ton this time, but with Anna Todd always said no to what I liked- I think he did at first with Anna, but then I waited a while and brought it up again. We might need to talk privately about what you are considering just incase we like the same ones. When is your ultrasound to find out gender? Mine is August 17th.

Anyway, good job on the discipline. It is hard, but effective when consistent.

I'm glad Callie likes her stroller and doll. She had so much fun pushing Anna's around. We'll have to get them together again soon.


Kiki said...

I'm still fighting the hand holding crossing the street battle with Levi. I'm just thrilled that a month away from having a baby, he still fights me on it. And I hope you catch the sarcasm in that sentence.

You'll be amazed at how many opportunities you'll have to teach her to obey! All the way, right away with a happy heart!

Caitlin said...

Just wait til she gets older. Consistency with spanking is no fun!

Marcus, Rebecca, Buddy, and Doodle said...

What Marcus and I did with the baby naming thing was to let him name the baby if it was a boy, and I got to if it was a girl. Of course, we had to each agree on the other's name choice, but that's how we settled it. I won:)

Kiley said...

I was going to take Callie around the block in Clear Lake. We got outside to the street (there is no sidewalk) and she would NOT hold my hand. I knew your rule, so I didn't budge - and she didn't either!! No walk in CL, but maybe next time! :) Can't wait to see my Calster tonight! That's cute about cuddling with daddy. She's so sweet when she's cuddly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nealy, I follow your blog and really enjoy it, but never comment, so, hi from my family! If it's a girl, how about...Lucy? I think Lucy Lanzen would be a cute name. And Grandma Verle's middle name was Lucille I believe (though I like Lucy better than Lucille!).

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