Mar 12, 2010

Something Fun for Friday &hearts

Have you heard of Mrs. Lillien?  For those of you who like fashion, you need to visit the blog of Mrs. Lillien's Styling House.  Just something fun for Friday!

{mrs. dreamboat - love the spring colors}

{mrs. weekender - this makes me excited for clear lake}

{mrs. downtown, this one might be my favorite}

{mrs. mcnicey...this is for my sister. doesn't it look like her? i love the silver tory burch clutch, too.}

{black + white + bold all, this one's definitely for you}

...which mrs. lillien are you?

♥ happy friday! ♥

p.s. do you want to become a follower?  click here!


Beth, Dan and Sophia said...

So cute! I'm definitely bookmarking that site. But, it's so unfair - one of the bags you pictured is exactly what I'm looking for...and only $1,495.00! WOW!

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