Mar 8, 2010

Bambina's Favorite Things {Carr's Whole Wheat Crackers}

I started buying graham crackers for Callie around the time she turned one.  I knew she would love them because they are probably the sweetest food she's had in her life (besides birthday cake of course)! I bought them for "emergency purposes only."  You moms know what I mean...they would buy me a little more time when we're out shopping or running errands before she would totally flip out (hard to imagine, I know). :)

However, I did feel the teeniest bit guilty for giving her something that really has no nutritional value, plus added sugar.  And, those "emergencies" ended up being quite a few times a day sometimes because it was an easy way to make her happy.   So, she was eating quite a few graham crackers each day. 

Until I discovered these...

Carr's Whole Wheat Crackers (thanks for the great idea, mom).  They are 100% whole wheat and taste just like a graham cracker.  Even better, they have 1/2 a gram of fiber per cracker (watch out!).  And Callie LOVES them!

Just an idea, from one mom to another.  What are your {healthy} go-to snack ideas for on-the-go?


. said...

hey, check out Shay DeYoung's blog (it's she has a homemade cracker recipe that is SUPER easy and really good :)

peter marie said...

Awesome...thanks for the tip!

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