Jan 25, 2010

Better After

I always love a good before-and-after story. What is it about makeovers that are so much fun?

You may remember this post about our fireplace re-vamp. It was featured on the blog Better After, click here to see. Funny part is, the mantel is different already. I took the lamps down and replaced them with big candle sticks, and also have a different mirror up.

I have a few more before-and-after's of things around the house I'll share soon. Starting with our powder room...the only room in the house that's now completely finished (and probably the smallest room in the house), thanks to my dad and Kyle installing this faucet this weekend.

I didn't know it was possible to be in love with a bathroom faucet! :) It's almost the same as this one, except it says "hot" and "cold" on the handles.


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