Apr 1, 2009

Soda Pop

Do you call it soda or pop? Or soda-pop?

We are usually coke-drinkers in our house (let's just say if you know Kyle, you know Coke). However, Target is having a too-great-to-pass-up deal on Pepsi. Buy five 12-packs for $15, and then you get a $5 Target giftcard for your purchase, until Saturday. So basically, five 12-packs for $10. Just thought I would share. My new fave is wild cherry diet pepsi.


The Chidisters said...

We rarely buy pop but I do love Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. I happen to LOVE fountain pop so if I am in the mood, we usually just walk to the gas station and get me a big one to guzzle! (So I guess the answer to your originaly questions would be that we call it "pop." =)

Kristina said...

Great tip! Thanks! Oh...and we call it pop at our house :-)

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