Apr 1, 2009

Kiley and Matt

Have you heard the news? Kiley and Matt are moving here! To the twin cities, in a few months. We are so excited to have family near! Ki and I have a ton of things in common (to give you an idea, we are both what I would call creative-domestic, we get it from our mom), and Matt and Kyle do as well (they worked in ministry together/then engineering/then business).

So I've been getting more hands to hold Callie, they go out house-hunting most of the day, and we have dinner together at night. I think I will be sad when they leave! We love having guests (hint-hint). At least they are coming back soon.

Looking back, I think I need to start posting some non-baby posts on my blog. It's hard, she's just so darn cute and I can't help but take pictures all the time. Oh, and I apologize if you don't like pink. It's Callie's favorite color! =)


brianna gray said...

Bring on the pink! :)

Also, very cool about your sister and brother-in-law!! It's so fun to have your family live close by... you'll love it!

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